Histology , (or microscopic anatomy and microanatomy), is the branch of biology which studies the microscopic anatomy of animal and plant tissues. Histo logy is the microscopic counterpart to gross anatomy which concerns larger structures visible without a microscope. Although microscopic anatomy may be divided into organology, the study of organs, histo logy, the study of tissues, and cytology, the study of cells, modern usage places these topics under the field of histology

Histopathology, is the branch of histology that includes the microscopic identification and study of diseased tissue, and is an important part of anatomical pathology, as accurate diagnosis of cancer and other diseases often requires histopathological examination of tissue samples. Trained physicians, frequently licensed pathologists, perform histopathological examination and provide diagnostic information based on their observations

Histotechnology is the field of histology that includes the preparation of tissues for microscopic examination. The trained personnel who prepare histological specimens for examination are histotechnicians, histotechnologists, histo logy technicians (HT), histo logy technologists (HTL), medical laboratory technicians, or biomedical scientists, and their support workers

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