Agilent PCI-GPIB Interface Card

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Agilent , USA


Agilent PCI-GPIB Interface Card

Agilent Technologies 82350 PCI GPIB: The 82350 PCI to GPIB interface card read and write calls use one of two modes: Polling – where bytes are transferred to/from the card, one at a time. Polling mode is advantageous for transferring a small number of bytes because the setup overhead is very low but it does requires CPU involvement for each byte transferred. Interrupt – where an entire buffer is transferred to/from the card without CPU involvement. Interrupt mode is advantageous for transferring large buffers because the higher per byte transfer rate more than compensates for the relatively long interrupt setup overhead

Easy connection – plug-and-play interface

(Standard IEEE-488 interface (connect to up to 14 GPIB instruments

Performance built-in buffering for speeds up to 900KB/s

Standard industry libraries with Keysight IO Libraries Suite


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