Brookfield DV-I Digital Viscometer

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Brookfield , USA



Brookfield DV-I Digital Viscometer

The Brookfield DV-I Digital Viscometer Model LVDV-I with Stand is designed to measure a number of ranges based the actual viscosity in proportion to the spindle speed and is related to the spindle’s size and shape. The Viscometer rotates a sensing element in the fluid and measures the torque necessary to overcome the viscous resistance to the induced movement. Additionally, the continuous readout of viscosity can be accomplished by means of the integral three-digit LED display, by the 0-10 mv, or the 0-1v analog output signal which can be fed into a variety of indicating or recording devices


Repeatability: 0.2% of full scale range
Choice of 18 rotational speeds
Temperature off-set capability to ±۵°C


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