Hund sht20 inverted microscope

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Hund , Germany

Data Sheet


hund sht20 inverted microscope

Tripod: 4-fold nosepiece
Contrasting method: bright field
Tube: binocular, 30 °
Eyepieces: Wide field 10x / 18
(Lenses: A 4 / 0.10; A 10 / 0.25; SPL 20 / 0.35 (LD
Magnification: 40 – ۲۰۰ times
Object table: 210x235mm
(Condenser: NA 0.25 (brightfield
Lighting: 12 V / 30 halogen, continuously adjustable, with built-in iris diaphragm
Accessories: Spare fuse, spare lamp 12 V / 30 W, power cable, filter VG 9, dust cover, manual
Order number: 008.0309.0

An inverted microscope is a microscope with its light source and condenser on the top, above the stage pointing down, while the objectives and turret are below the stage pointing up. It was invented in 1850 by J. Lawrence Smith, a faculty member of Tulane University (then named the Medical College of Louisiana


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