LECO CS744 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator

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LECO CS744 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator

Carbon and Sulfur in Inorganic Materials by the Combustion Infrared Detection Technique

LECO’s 744 Series will redefine the way you determine carbon and sulfur in metals, ores and other inorganic materials. Using extensive customer feedback and innovative engineering, our latest instrumentation takes advantage of an immersive software platform that will increase usability and lower the cost-per-analysis

Additional features—such as a variable power combustion furnace, improved IR cell design, rugged design, and available automation—make the CS744 a valuable resource for any industrial environment needing accurate analysis of carbon and/or sulfur

LECO CS744 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator

High-velocity vacuum system keeps dust and debris contained
Optional 10-and 60-sample autoloaders available for hours of worry-free operation
Temperature stabilized construction provides increased isolation from temperature fluctuations
Optimized emitter control with and detection circuitry improves IR cell lifetime and long-term stability
Monitor: Includes a six-axis boom mounted touch-screen for improved ergonomics
Auto Cleaner: Upgrades the manual cleaner and manual combustion tube removal systems to the automatic versions, reducing downtime and increasing safety
Performance: Add the incoming carrier gas purifier and scrubber and heated flow controller for improved baseline stability and precision
Performance Sulfur: Upgrades the standard flow controller with a thermally stabilized flow controller for improved baseline stability and precision on sulfur only models

Fast analysis in less than a minute
LECO High-Efficiency Combustion Furnace is perfectly suited for all applications
State-of-the art IR detection Cell Design for ultimate precision and stability of results
Modern Cornerstone software : easy of use with reach functionalities
Touch Driven Graphical User Interface
Well engineered ergonomics and convenience of use
Reliable Automation available for increased workload


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