Electrothermal EM2000/CE Heating Mantle

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Electrothermal, UK



Electrothermal EM2000/CE Heating Mantle, 2000 mL Capacity, 230 VAC

The Electromantle series features a durable, chemically resistant, polypropylene outer housing that minimizes damage from spills. They allow maximum heat transfer with minimum risk for flask breakage.

Element temperature 450ºC
Use with round-bottom flasks from 50ml to 5L
Built-in energy regulator
Insulated material in removable heater cartridge
Pilot lamps for power and heater operation
Model EM5000/CE has two circuits
Includes: Clamps for 1.3cm diameter support rods, grounded line cord

Specifications & Description
Max Flask Size (mL)2000
Max temperature (° F)842
Max temperature (° C)450
Power (VAC)230
Power (Hz)50/60
Power (watts)500
Height (in)7.5
Width (in)13.75
Depth (in)15.75
DescriptionHeating Mantle, 2000 ml Capacity, 230 V


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